The Punk Rock Year (1978)

In the waning days of The Rage, Paula started going out with Tommy Gear of the Screamers. Fully inspired by the punk rock explosion, a short, spiked haircut replaced Paula Pierce's Cherie Currie-feathered hair and she started seeing Bruce Barf of The Skulls (Trivia: Don Williams, Bruce and his brother Marc Morbid had gone to school together in West Covina since pre-school days! Marc and Bruce later returned to using their real last name, Moreland, and helped found Wall of Voodoo).

Having bought a Gibson SG guitar, Paula started hanging out at the legendary Masque in Hollywood and went to work trying to put together a band. She never had any real success at this through most of 1978, though she did play for a while with Billy Persons, who later joined ex-Quick members Steve Hufsteter and Danny Benair in The Falcons. But, as much as Paula liked punk rock, driving an hour from Chino to Hollywood to practice was not inspiring. Ultimately, the Masque rehearsal hall scene wasn't what Paula was looking for and, as much as she loved punk rock, her heart just wasn't in being in a punk rock band.

Paula had been pictured in Flipside magazine with the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones at Cindy Podlas' home, and Cindy was soon to become a member of Paula's post-punk pop band, The Digits. Also at the end of 1978, Don starting going out with Gwynne Kahn (who had more than a passing resemblence to Kate Bush, who both of them liked) and he introduced Gwynne to Paula. Gwynne, of course, would later figure into the Action Now and Pandoras stories.

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The Punk Rock Year (1978)

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