Action Now History — 1974-1984

The history of Action Now, as chronicled on Avebury Records' All Your Dreams...and more is a long one, with unexpected twists and turns and trivia. It stretches ten years, from when a 14-year-old Paula Pierce met Don Williams, to the final disolution of the band after Paula had left and formed The Pandoras with Gwynne Kahn. Along the way, lots of names, faces and places you might recognize wander in and out of the story.

The story on these pages is a work in progress. It is the result of interviews with surviving and locatable members of the band. As memories crystalize, and new information and photos become available, these pages will be updated. There's a lot of reading, so the story has been broken up into relatively digestable chunks. You'll see photos you've never seen before, and (eventually) hear songs you've never heard before. Again, it's a work in progress, so be sure to check back from time-to-time, or sign-up for our mailing list for periodic updates.

Before The Rage (1974-1976) [updated 2.27.04]

The Rage (1976-1978) [updated 2.3.07]

The Punk Rock Year (1978) [updated 1.10.04]

The Digits (1979) [updated 2.3.07]

The Direct Hits (v.1, 1979-1980) [updated 12.31.03]

The Direct Hits (v.2, 1980) [updated 12.31.03]

The Direct Hits (v.3, 1980-1981) [updated 2.22.04]

The Direct Hits (v.4, 1981-1982) [updated 10.24.04]

Action Now (v.1 1982-1983) [updated 7.2.04]

Action Now (v.2 1983-1984) [coming]

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